Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 1, 2018

SUNSET~by Sarbadaman Gop




Oh how beautiful the sunset is!
A wonderful progress to reach home
With All the colors that shine
seem to nurture rhymes in sky.
It takes time to prepare for the astral night.
Still it shines bright
Tomorrow it’ll be there.
Then the next day and the next
forever and ever existing,
letting you know there’s hope,
hope for a better tomorrow.
hope for a better future.
Now , as it vanishes behind the mountains,
you would never know
somewhere else a new day has already begun.
Sunset is indeed a hope creating your own aura
Sunset is indeed a scope challenging the next.


  1. Sir could you give the attached image Plzz? It will be easier for others to look at a glance. Thank you for posting my poem sir.

    • will go back into your email sorry did not see one will check again

      • OK sir. Let me know if not found. I will give it again.

      • check you email for my reply I could not find attachment in yours, thanks

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