Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 2, 2018

Americanization~by Paul Lenzi





“Italian Immigrant Family” by Michael Pitocchi

skin will remember

the neighborhood

cooled with blued steel

that burned in the palm

gunshot residue stippled

gold braceleted wrists

gangster streetcorner

ethos prevailed in the

feel of sharp favors

stiletto points pressed

to the cheek would

remind obligations

blind prices that someday

would come tap the shoulder

smooth subculture textures

of sharkskin omerta

kept quiet the village

within the metropolis

cracked ancient brickwork

whose mortar of honesty

crumbled at touch

of the innocent finger

these were the ambient walls

of an enclave impressed

and imported intact from

quaint history carried

across hopeful seas

the old ways hung humbly

in hefts of familiar dependence

the weight of illusions of safety

brought men to their knees

so much easier then for

their customs to operate

regain their influence

reinflict stinging sensations

to numb hapless immigrant

virtue on streets paved with

promise in tenement rooms

where a second or third

generation eventually learned

how to hold in its fist

all the power to break

chains of uncivil centuries

swinging from strength

to rise up and become

quintessential Americans



From my book Small Noise


  1. thank you for sharing my poem with your readers

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