Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 2, 2018

Silent Summons~by Scot Buffington



Silent Summons

Cradling faces with splayed gentle fingers
searching for knowledge from mind-wells to drink
gaze enters souls where the hearts’ secrets lingers
dive deep inside fighting reflex to blink.

Seeing the world through the iris’ tint
no more brilliant colors from which life to view
a rainbow’s refraction through pupils well-lit
illuminates visages, sunbeams construe.

Dare incline forrader to taste of a kiss
lips silent summons seduction to stray
four eyes persist open too anxious they’ll miss
one instant where light reveals sultry bouquet.

Stares fixed to spite inconvenience of noses
shift to each side preserve loving liaise
unwilling detachment of all juxtaposes
each part of the beings’ entrancing surveys.

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