Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 3, 2018

The love I desire~by Kimberly Jane Peracho



The love I desire

The love I desire
Was spoiled and wasted
The care I lure
Was dumped and crumbled.

I’m not a dumpster
But I always wonder,
Why I want to heal
His heart of steel

A soul full of pain
And was dreadfully slain.
A heart that weep
I couldn’t keep

Those lonely eyes
I want to smile
But his happiness is her
The one he love so dear.

I want to feel his tenuous touch
But his hand I canNot catch
His voice is my hamartia
And it feels like inertia

I want his care and love
But i’m fallible
And I can’t be his someone
That he can call “the one”

(Open for criticism, for my writing improvement purpose thanks, I love to write poems, but very newbie regarding grammar and styles)
By yours truly
Kimberly Jane Dawawong

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