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RADHAKRISHNAN- Protruding bones showing his rib cage,
Empty stomach growled to show its rage,
He shivered in his shrunken rags,
But no penny came out from misers bags!!

His days pass without food,
Tap water is what he had,
Rummaging through dust bins,
Finding some morsel, letting out a grin.

He has no tears to cry,
Of starvation, sooner he will die,
He has nothing to drink,
Eyes sunken, the soul will too sunk.

Oh, my God sitting in heaven in a throne,
Knowing everything, you pretend it is unknown,
A child in starvation letting out a groan,
He needs your care to be shown.

NUTAN:- In it he lived day and night,
A begger in the day
Lost in mind
in the darkness too lost to time
as he battled himself
find me that time , in which I can live
leaving my mind behind
in the tirade of his agony , accosting its time
why do you keep me sane, I am not your mind
You chose me to live in life’s time
now take away my mind
I can’t live you
Take me back in time
when I lived with my mother
when she lived me , as her mine
left to the streets , where everyone looks
not mine , an alien in time
lost in the oceans of time
each wave drowning in me
as if I am theirs, not mine
heaving in a pain, leaving me behind
A footprint lost , eroded by time , not mine

RADHAKRISHNAN:- Lost in the world of misfortune,
This starving child is another orphan,
Searching for elusive care
That is to be found nowhere

He slept on cold hard floor,
Enduring miseries more and more
Life for this child is forever sore
For him, what more has the fate in store?

Poverty is his identity,
Starvation is his reality,
Facing a life of tragedy,
With a stomach that’s always empty.

He is a lost soul in this desolate world,
One after another, miseries are hurled,
Wandering around searching for morsels,
Oh!, his condition is so pathetic and awful.

He laid hungry beside a gutter,
His condition can melt your heart like butter,
He clutched the feet of a woman who was passing by,
He begged for some food with an hopeful eye.

Her gentle touch revived his hopes,
In her compassionate eyes, he saw some scope,
Unmindful of praise or criticism,
To serve the poor was her only aim.

NUTAN:- Then God decended, hell turned its way,
Heaven showered His love,
In the rain tears dried away
Happy the earth looked
Life one again
mistook hate for love
as he ate his way
in love life came to stay
A lady who was kind came his way
Smiled at him
In alms as he stretched his palms
Holding him to her
She wiped his tears
God had sent her his way

seeing him cry, she told him
God had sent her
to see His love in me
Embraced in her
to set him free
She took him
in him
his life to Free

RADHAKRISHNAN:- She gave him unconditional love,
In this world of wolves, she is a rare dove,
In this simple concept, two souls found connection,
Her pure soul’s purest reflection.

With kindness in her heart,
That was gifted by God to her from the start,
With a human spirit in whole,
Possessed with a compassionate soul.

Lost in the world of cruel misfortune,
That child was another dirty orphan,
Searching for elusive love,
That will soar his spirits far above

In her he found a mother to love him,
In her he found an angel when hopes were dim,
She gave him a home to laugh,play and learn,
A home where he can grow up and start to earn.

She gave him hope and future,
With her selfless love, she drove out all his fears,
To share love with an orphan is an act not small,
She gave him gift of life, greatest gift of all.

NUTAN:- Her gentle eyes looked at him
in her tears hope pouring in
without a word she fed him
until his eyes cried with love
in him to soothe
the wounds of yesteryears
a life usurped beyond the years
an age he couldn’t remember
that went past him
In it a love lost within
with tempest storms caught in
in their rage to burst in him
a volcano waiting to erupt
in hopes that said , I have had enough
Break me but don’t bend me within
in your calm to seek me in
the lull of storm , to seize within
Love him
in him her love grew
Every day she brought things new
clothes and toys
in him to play
soon life became a loving place to stay
Happy and Gay
everyday he waited for in her anticipation
with bated breath
to once again in her sight a life to beam
In her to see life gleam
in spirits that knew no bounds
in her love to abound
a love to love
Forever surround
No more , tired listless he lay
in her love to dream
a life far away


Who was that kind lady?
Who always helps poor and needy,
She was the incarnation of Mother Mary,
A lady so extraordinary.

Goddess in flesh ever walked in earth
Served the poor with kindness in no dearth,
She saw God in a child abandoned
She tended lepers whom the society banned .

Love of God flows from service to needy,
Her helping hands were ever ready,
She had that heart of God in all its purity,
She showered love to all humanity.

Like a pencil in God’s hands to write love at His command,
An humble soul, publicity she never did demand,
Filled with love, she nursed the wounds of folk,
She served the humans with her love in them to soak.

Her love transcended to all , Hindu, Muslim or Jew,
Be it India, Syria, or Ethiopia, not limited to merely few,
She made Kolkata her home to serve weak,
Illuminated hopes changed the lives that were bleak.

She was a tool in the hands of God,
With love in her heart and a soul that was not flawed,
She founded the MISSION OF CHARITY,
A SAINT OF GUTTERS, to live in hearts till eternity

NUTAN:- She was Mother Teresa who adopted all in a love beyond all on call
the epitome of love
the dove who flew
Like Alice in wonderland she walked into his liar , Mother I waited for you
Where were you
you left me alone to rear
The fairy queen
you saw in dreams so rare
stood before him in eyes that stare
so kind in a love filled with love and care
An ashram in Calcutta where children
like him lay bare
no where abouts
just protected in her care
love me in you to dare
I am there don’t cry , lie broken
in me to see you naked in my love , your soul ensnare
In tears streaming down his eyes that refuse to stop
In eyes beholden , laden in tears that he couldn’t mask
Uncaring of others , he fell onto her feet
As she raised her eyes , in his eyes to meet
A ray of light emitted through him
Mesmerised as she bent to pick him up
in him
She saw God radiating his light through him
I am God whether you love me , I don’t care , I am in him
don’t hold me , pray to him
in him to see my strength in him
for when I love I give hope from within
in me to see the true life in me come in
I am the alter in which you sow life in
In the nails as you nail me in
Don’t cry for I take away your pains within
In me to hold within
In your pain my pain to keep you in
Safe from the world in my haven to be in
In a love so deep to never stop , pour me in
Smell me in your fragrance
You are my flower
The bud that bloomed
In its love to tare
A life lived in a cage
trapped beyond care
Now I set you free
Come to me
in your arms stretched bare
To never outstretch
in hopes that care
Love me
I am there

It was a rare sight
as everyone was spellbound
It was as if God had touched the ground
in the child’s whimpering sound
to once again rebound
Don’t cry dear one
you are my newfound
the happiness of love
in you to abound
In my love never abscond
For I am that love
that lives in everyone
In its eyes to fill you in
You just don’t see me
I am within
In your hopes to see me
Searing in through me
In a light that extinguishes
In it to see
The love of life
peering through me
Touch me in me
Don’t force me
In you my love to see
just be

I live within
cry to me
I hear
you in me



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