Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2018

4.3.18~by Kira’s Hymn




it’s not about the views
it’s not about who likes this
i need an awakening again
i need a weight loss program again
i have so much that needs to melt off my bones
i need a taste of that quenched thirst
because right now i’m a bottomless pit
something’s not right
because i’m not declaring anything wrong
everything’s permissible
yet nothing is satisfying
nor glorifying
i’m trapped in a glass that bends my vision into a round tension
dismiss my hurts
your experience is superior
i’ll just cut these ties
without any regrets
to the feelings you murdered
out back, left for the dirt
roast me up
and i promise you
i burn

©Kira Shymn

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