Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2018

IN A DAY OR TWO~by Anil Kumar Panda




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In a day or two or may be
After not many more days
I will not be alive. Sitting in
Your cosy room, darning
Your dresses you may no
More listen to my heart beats.
You may come out and stand
At the door suspecting something
Has gone wrong. Your sea blue
Eyes will start spilling salty tears
And soak your blouse. In a day
Or two, you will not dream
About our picking of berries in
The backyard or throwing stones
At mangoes ripening in the tree
Standing near the boundary wall.
We won’t fall over each other
Knowingly to show innocent
Love. In a day or two you won’t
Visit my home with an empty
Bowl for sugar or oil or salt
That you have not yet run out
You won’t get a chance to twitch
Your eyes at me like a doe hurt
By the wind. In a day or two
We will no more sing songs sitting
On the wall. We won’t put kisses
On each other’s necks when called
By parents. In a day or two I will
Miss you and you too, but not for long.

Copy right reserved
@ Anil Kumar Panda 2018

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