Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2018

” SELLING CHEESE”~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” SELLING CHEESE” by martin gedge

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I sometimes think that I should drink
to get things off my chest
cause turning blue from sniffing glue
might be easier to digest
I have to say from aging gray
in my stable point of view
the things I said while in my head
well all those thoughts were true
I have denied for times I tried
to listen to you spout
to poke and prod at dear old god
to kindly knock you out
In knowing I a normal guy
would just get up and leave
I often choke on words you spoke
so much I have to heave
I cannot fair that you breathe air
and walk for saving grace
for in one ear I have to fear
there’s nothing here but space
I often dwell if there’s a bell
each time you see a girl
I’m not surprised to realize
when all we hear is “squirrel”!!
but I suppose that with your nose
that you would find a crack
to take to task to kiss some ass
to cut your self some slack
from going down your eyes are brown
you just might want to quit
your piss and moan has just out grown
your castle full of shit
I may not know who you might blow
or who you aim to please
but while that mouth was sailing south
your ass was selling cheese….

by Martin gedge

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