Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2018

Turkey Vultures~by Paul Lenzi



Turkey Vultures


Painting by Jon Shaw

go to the top of the hill
look for me
near the new-felled chestnut
the one that used to perch
that noisome flock of turkey vultures
you remember
they kept every house
with their ominous
comings and goings
drawing their ugly shadows
across yards and aspirations
for a better life
their brooding stares unnerve me
even when I know they can’t see me
damn them to hell
meet me there
so we can chop down the next tree
the pine so insulted by their guano
if more return after that
I plan to shoot them
with or without you
knowing how you feel about guns
but I’ll never get over the loss
of that fine chestnut
it was the only one around
for miles
but I had no choice
and it hurts



From my book Range of Motion


  1. thank you for sharing my poem with your readers

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