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pAdMaN ….
A wOeMaN




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RADHAKRISHNAN:- His wife lay in isolation,
A victim of society’s wrong notion,
Exiled for four days of her menstruation,
A biological phenomenon needed for evolution.

She used a dirty piece of cloth to soak the stains,
To put her shame in the chains,
But the dirty cloth will led to infection,
But none paid any attention.

It was a reflection of his affection,
Her sanitation was his utmost concern,
He bought costly pad for her protection,
Out of his love and devotion.

Buying pads was beyond his means,
So, he was determined to make cheap ones,
He was scoffed at and made subject of ridicule,
To think about a taboo, he was named a fool.

In this world HEMAN and MACHOMAN,
He was a different and sensitive man,
He has so much love for his woman,
Sanitation of women was his mission.

NUTAN:- He didn’t sleep day or night
their concern in his eyes
wherever he turned his heart burnt
how could he set their world right
surrounded by superstition
in an old world hidden
they lived in their suppression
in an adage of life
surrounded by the old
to do as they were told
hold in your tears
don’t break barriers
for if you do
you will burn in life
women are to be kept in their place
away on these days
in their myth away from life
a mat given
hidden from the world
untouchables with no right
to denounce their life
announced to the world as they shy from their own
what did we do wrong
punished for so long
unable to even touch the love of our life
to sleep away untouched by his eyes ,
her husband couldn’t resist her even for one night
as he waited hiding away
when everyone was asleep to see the love of his eyes
but she was scared if anyone would arrive seeing him
breaking the custom set by elders and tribes
who believed a woman should not be seen or kept
away hidden from all eyes
ridiculed to be made to feel small
as if she was disconnected from life disjointed as she looked
feeling unwanted
lost wondering why she was
made the outcast
the schedule , cast out of life
but she couldnt voice her thoughts
afraid it would be unheard miscast
a suspect carved out of her little niche
suspect of life

RADHAKRISHNAN:- His sensitivity is not for his wife alone,
He wanted all women to use safe napkin,
He tried to convince his sister to get rid of inhibition,
But his ambition resulted only in abmonition.

He tried making napkins out of cotton,
But cotton was not that good at absorption,
He was ridiculed and banished from village,
For talking about pads was nothing less than sacrilege.

Pads are made from cellulose, he found out,
To make them, he needs a machine, no doubt,
He used his ingenuity to make a machine,
That produced pads so hygienic and clean.

He wanted to test them to see they are effective,
To produce safe pads was his objective,
Then he found a girl who was in urgent need of a pad,
He gave it to her with a heart that was glad.

Then he went and asked her for a feedback,
Learning he produced them so cheap, she was taken aback,
She and her scientist dad were impressed,
Proud with his invention, the joy his eyes expressed.

NUTAN:- It was not as easy as thought
wherever he went inhibitions he fought
for when he tried
women just shied
wondering what was wrong with this man
Why was he so desperate
Why was he so tried
a man so obsessed to undergo
a woman’s life
As he went about in his determination
In it to strive
A Pad to invent for women
Was he right
Was he a pervert
Breaking all inhibitions
Unabashed of his life
He was a man
Why was he poking his nose
In a woman’s life
Hiding from him
Hiding their life
unable to break them out of the traditions
in which they were tied
Tried for rituals
Barred by life
To spend their days in isolation
Ashamed of their life
Hiding the fact that
they were woman
In woman their life
Wasn’t this a part and parcel of their life
Then why were they tried
They were the givers of life
Hiding their life
Shying from the world
In a life so tried
Give me back my life
Let me the woman
complete in myself
Let me be that competes
only with myself
No man to overrule
the traditions that bind
To hold me in bonds
That break within myself
Told to do , to sit out my life
In these seven days
to blank my life
Wondering why I was born
to life
Ashamed she cried
Day and night
Bearing the pain of life
The burden of life
Carrying with all her might
I tried tied
I am a woman
with fortitude
I write my life
Off my life
With your life
my life

RADHAKRISHNAN:- We are born because they bled,
Why is then it’s a taboo and dread?
Why can’t she sleep on the bed?
Fears and taboos, we have to shed.
So many prohibitions imposed in that period,
That makes her so delirious of that experience,
Menstruation does not make her unclean,
The wrongful legacy passed to future generation
Let her bleed without fear,
Fear of making stains in what they wear,
She needs protection to make her cheer,
Scorns and stigma she need not bear.

NUTAN:- In her a shadow was always cast
A holocast
whenever she bled she hoped , it was her last
A life saddened , forever to last
In her pain she withdrew
A life of anger a fear she now knew
Free as a child she grew
Now plunged into these narrow thoughts
she withdrew
Who was to blame
She was so true
Was it her fault
That’s all she knew
Looked at herself with new eyes
Wasn’t this me , wasn’t this you
Then why has the equation
Why a recluse I became
Subjugated in a corner
In this blame game
Blame me not
I was too raw
A flower yet to open
In you to devour
Why was I chosen
the one to abhor
In my name my own name turned sour
Yelling at me they cried
Don’t touch me
As if I am on strike
A refuge they built for me around me
As I try to break out of their bonds
the more tight they severed me
I didn’t belong
neither to them nor myself
I sat woebegone
Life tell me where I have gone
In my woe
Do I belong
Or don’t belong
In you to take my life away
In you never belong

I was ointed in a new life
A haldi rasam in it transformed
It was as if I was born again
To claim another life
What happened to my past life
I lived untried
Suddenly everything had changed
nothing seemed right
gone were those happy days
when I climbed life bouncing
along jumping trees in ropes skipping
Free me from life
Set me free
Free me life
Free me
from my life

RADHAKRISHNAN:- Cheap pads he made is a great invention,
They are objects of confidence restoration,
In periods, they need not stay in desolation,
For his feat, he deserves all the felicitation.
To have a cheap pad is one of her right,
Those gloomy periods to made bright,

PADMAN who made it deserved awards,
For he is not a chauvinistic coward.
Pads need wide distribution,
To be in the reach of every woman,
To usher in a pads revolution,
Towards the goal of women liberation.

PADMAN’s friend helped him in this mission,
Installed machines to make them in villages and towns,
Ensured door to door distribution,
Brought in volunteers to make their contribution.

The pads revolution hit national news headlines,
From everywhere demands came for pad making machines,
Fulfilled were the PADMAN’s dreams,
Fruitful culmination of his noble schemes.

His feats reached the United Nations,
He was hailed as hero of generation,
Despite all impediments and intimidation,
He accomplished a noble mission.

NUTAN:-Yes he was one of a kind
a mine full of mind
Wherever he went people raved
he had set life on rage
On every stage an entrepreneur with a brilliance ,
in a heart so kind
a mission of life to leave behind
in his love for people for the weak,
the downtrodden the unloved their life to keep,
a heart of gold he had seeped,
in a love so deep
the whole world stood
enthralled at his feet
even IITian’s revered him
in his research to leap
they turned to him for advice
overnight he had become
a hero of life
to keep his mind going rife
beyond a life lived so right
his village welcomed him back
with open arms
those who had ridiculed him
now extended their arms
don’t go
stay with us forever long
now we know we were wrong
you always had a good heart
in us to belong
to you now we belong

Life in him was set
A person no one liked
Lived in regret
Now was a beholden king
A life so loved
In him to live
throng in a love
a love to love
Incarnated in love
decorated with medals
A woman’s love
All women adored him
in his love
Breaking traditions of life
He marched ahead
Unafraid to compromise
What was life
if this was not life

Armed in a love so strong
a life in which one does no wrong
a new respect in life to dawn
Love me life in you I do no wrong
For when you are gone
you will be remembered in me
a life that lived depended on me
a life to love never discern
when the world loves you
in you to yearn
in a love lived
embracing all
no love big or small
love me for me
to never go
I love you all


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