Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2018

“Musica Proxima Etern*”~by Michael Graves



“Musica Proxima Etern*”

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If you listen closely
you can hear, without your ears
the harmonics of aetherial* variation.

A complex range of nano-sounds
so tightly bound yet separate, that they
form a context much like starlight singing.

Gravitics bend the resonating
notes you hear inside your head. Their melody
composed by the refracting light of stars.

They resonate with sounds, much like
a hundred thousand angels playing
pitch as pure as starlight, light as dreams
and deep as darkness.

All these sounds, and so much more
are ambiently present. Like the single-dripping
line of water lost in sound, among the rain.

Moonlight fills an empty room
and overcomes the darkness.

And as it fills the emptiness
it sings.

— Graves 3/30/18

Definitions: *Musica Proxima Etern: The First Music of the Eternal

Aetherial: Pertaining to “aether” According to “old science” aether (also spelled “ether”) is the material that fills the region of the universe between planets, stars and other extraterrestrial phenomena. The concept of aether has been used in several theories to explain natural phenomena, such as gravity and the transit of light between source and effect in space. In the late 19th century, physicists postulated that aether permeated all space, providing a medium through which light could travel in a vacuum.

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