Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 6, 2018

” BOTTLEHEAD”~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” BOTTLEHEAD” by martin gedge

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Say what you mean and mean what you say
for the words come up empty in the games that you play
when your bottleheads up you keep pouring them down
when your one with the cash you keep passing them round
your out every evening and your life is a blur
can’t hear what your saying for the stutter and slur
your running on empty and the car is a bed
you keep living on lies you build up in your head
there are no more hellos but a slew of goodbyes
you say that you’ve changed but you don’t even try
your mind is uncertain and your wasting your time
when your up for the boozin” your down for the line
your a fit of emotions and your falling apart
your tugging on strings when your wrecking your heart
they can never believe you and you don’t understand
your just all of the problem not a cure for the plan
you take things for granted and rest on a bet
and all that is left is the pain and regret
you look for a reason but the bottles are bare
and the scars on your life are in need of repair
there’s no room for pity so read it and weep
for the binge of your drinking is drowning in sleep
you need to come open and deal with your self
clean up your system make mends to your health
come to the table in the moment of truth
with admittance of guilt and a sorry of proof
and chase all the demons that drank to your soul
by taking on chances and just letting them go
there is a family that needs you that’s left all alone
it time to break habits and find your way home…

by martin gedge

Alcohol abuse is a serious issue, Your not only hurting yourself but those that love you and count on you the most. Admittance of a habit is a hard thing to deal with and even harder to overcome but always remember it is easy to ask for help…. thank you

by martin gedge

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