Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 6, 2018

Dream Bump~by Stephen Fitall



Dream Bump

Image may contain: cloud

Window blown open
Frost inside
Lights out stay out
Darkness hides you
A mind to put you in
Every corner where
Thoughts are darkest

Dream Bump
Bedroom again
In bed with a sister
Children together
Braver together
But waiting for the knife
No sleep again

Dream Bump
The now of me
In the mirror
Shirt too thin
Mafia vest beneath

Dream Bump
Work where I worked
But different
Years since I saw you
Spoke our secret language
Others see where I’m going
Follow me with eyes full

So much bigger
Than it ever was
This place
You are here
And I search for anything
That let’s me in
Allows me close
A smile
Like a burning fire place
In the coldest room

Lost in you
Talk of an offer
To a warmer place
You thought of leaving
I can hide the pain of it
In my stupid face
But inside I know
I’m losing you

Dream Bump
Put a beard upon your face
Odd that
But seemed so natural
At the time
I remember my shirt
Do you see through it?
Through me?
And did you come in through
The window
All those years ago?
Dream Bump.

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