Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 7, 2018

“EYE TEETH” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM “EYE TEETH” by martin gedge

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I’ve been dead for a thousand years
but I walk this earth breathing in death
these walls bleed so much sorrow
that I am the darkest shadow
to walk this cold
me an entity of such spoils
to thief the night
and feed on the helpless
oh wretched…
can you feel me?
my scent on your skin
my nails to pierce your throbbing vein
only to quench my undying need
and to leave you to rot
oh curse the blessed light
how you seek to destroy me
a refuge of a black box is to my tired bones
a rest for the wicked
I was so quaint and debonair at one time
to your liking she says
I am scholar of conversation
as well as high taste for your sweet wine
elegantly strong in nature
with a posture to kill
I will possess all those that I lust for
and my temper..oh well
for I might despise the filth
but a calm killing
will not suffice
for an order that is so fierce
If you breathe my air I will take it
all that is life to you
I am the hunter as well as the hunted
a new stranger from an old town
I prefer to leave you with no name
for no name is needed
but for the sake of your god
and all that seek to believe or else wise
I am the evil creation
I am …Vampire

by martin gedge

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