Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 9, 2018

“MY HEART IS AN OPEN BOOK”~by Martin Gedge



POEM “MY HEART IS AN OPEN BOOK” by martin gedge

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Turn the key and pull the lock
and grab the strings inside
you’ll find a broom to sweep the room
that others often tried
it takes on hurt and bottles up
the rain that fills the eyes
and lets you know just where to go
to open up the skies
you sew a stitch or mend the cut
to chase the pain away
bandaid blue with a scenic view
that gets you through the day
you flick the switch to see the world
and all that you engage
an open book to take a look
with every turning page
it beats an ever-sounding thump
that brings the heart to boil
for what’s in store by breathing more
like flowers need the soil
it tenders up to loving hands
to those you love in kind
endearing songs to sing along
that always come to mind
it is a script of many thoughts
from front to tailing end
the hit the grounds and up and downs
with all the roads that bend
it takes you to a secret place
where only chosen few
can open doors to all your floors
to see inside of you
so if you know where shadows go
to find that open heart
just take a grip into a trip
beyond the skin of dark
and you will find a clock to wind
where all emotions grow
a gentle place with open face
that lets your feelings show….

by martin gedge

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