Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2018

THAT YOUNG WIDOW 😌😌~by Sarala Balachandran




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Why is that young widow
Who had beautiful dreams
In life when she tied the knot 
with a man of her parent’s choice
forced to shave her head
her dark long tresses
beautiful and curly
which cupped her pretty face ?
Why is she driven out of her home
wearing a white saree and a bowl ?
Why is she not allowed
to celebrate anything in life
Nor enter a temple ?
Why is she branded a bad omen ?
Was it her fault her husband died?
She did not kill him !
When he died
all her dreams got burried
In her young heart !
No more flowers in her hair
No more coloured clothes
No more jewellery and pearls
No more attending any
Functions !
What’s her fault ?
She sits at the holy city of Benaras
With a dented aluminium bowl
looking for pious pilgrims
to give her alms !
Why is she excommunicated
From the society?
Oh man of piety and wisdom !
give her weeping heart an answer
and give her a life
which she dreamt of
her beautiful colourful dreams !

Sarala Balachandran
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