Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2018

“THE DEATH SALESMAN” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM “THE DEATH SALESMAN” by martin gedge

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Lock your windows bolt your doors
slip through cracks and open pores
shadows creeping under floors
a stranger in the wake
he’s selling death so please beware
on dotted lines to those who dare
without regret or even care
to all and who he takes
his eyes are crimson frozen red
a living corpse still walking dead
onto the grounds that people tread
his heart is black as death
his anger is with ripe of grin
with all the world of troubles in
will burn your soul for lust and sin
just to catch your breath
he may be old and brittle there
upon the creaking steps and stare
a pocket hole for you to glare
the fathers at your feet
he wants to find an open tomb
and close the a lid to seal your doom
to where black roses always bloom
and bodies feel the heat
so be it wise to recognise
for when you see these evil eyes
the ugly stench and all the flies
be careful what you say
“hello my love is your mother near ”
“would you just kindly get her dear”
“tell her God is waiting here
for nows the time to pray…..

by martin gedge


  1. Hot damn!

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