Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 14, 2018

Life~by Bhekisisa Magwaza




You threw me into the ocean
I bet the aim was not to kill me
The aim was to strengthen me
Expanding me beyond my limits
Elevating me to greater challenging heights of life.

You have taught me how to watch my back
Since you turned some friends into snakes
Arch rivals into best of buddies
Tears of the past, into best memories now
You have turned best memories into very unpleasant sour ones

Life, you have took my pride
And had the cheek not to replacement it
Life, not only you did you take my pride but you took my childhood…
And had the audacity, the nerve, the cheek to replace it with adulthood
Plus, a weight of responsibility heavily on my shoulders.

Life, you only surrender to death
You, took the only man I looked up to
You, took my only little children that I fended for
You, took the only sister I ever had
But life, you have broken and shatterted
me into small and even smaller pieces

Life, you have disfigured me
I limp of wounds from your blades
I have absolutely no hopes of positivity nomore
As you keep grinding me into even smaller pieces
With whatever substance that is binding my small pieces together,
I will stand tall above and greater all odds of life.

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