Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 15, 2018

” OH CABLE GUY”~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” OH CABLE GUY” martin gedge

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Welcome to the american dream
that fills up every TV screen
useless shit we do not care
for every day it goes to air
the price you pay is outta hand
it isn’t hard to understand
don’t want no shopping beauty aides
no fashion shows or weight parades
the talk show host are killing me
why can’t we be commercial free
movie channels all you play
is another independence day
no average joe or honey boo
believe this crap their selling you?
jerry springer get a life
pick a rose and choose your wife
talents show are all the same
and Simon cow your to blame
with every single thing you pawn
these shows repeat go on and on
please not another of big brother
sorry kid he’s not your father
how can I survive this crap
like office space a baseball bat !
amish, gypsies , kate and eight
a waste of time to stay up late
don’t care about your seven wives
your duck calls or your petty lives
but worse of all those product brands
who suck you in to all their scams
the only thing I suffer from
is all this junk that you put on
so let me make this loud and clear
and listen up so you can hear
oh cable guy please tell us why
the bills go up and mulitply
and every month I get this shit
I’m up to here and sick of it
it’s time for me to make a stand
and find myself a better plan….

by martin gedge

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