Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 15, 2018

Where my heart is~by Adsu Ria



Where my heart is

My heart is scattered all over the world:
In deepest pits, in bluest seas and in the highest mounts.
It chose as its sole dwelling wide blue yonders
And you will never find it in a cozy house.

My heart is not within, but outside.
It never saturates with what it sees or knows.
Even my Ego cannot over it preside
Distracting from the path it so passionately follows.

My heart was born with me this way:
That wasn’t sudden liberation or the escape from hardships or the toils.
Unable in the dark inside my body stay,
It set out on an enlightening journey, which never really ends.

I`m always in the search of heart,
The heart of mine, so free and daring.
It calls me to remotest parts
Of overpopulated, still so lonely planet.

My heart is luring and provoking
To cross the boundaries of my mind,
To leave it all and start looking
For place on earth in which it hides.

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