Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 16, 2018

” BLACK FIRE” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” BLACK FIRE” written by martin gedge

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Souls of habit that burn the wind
on hoofs of bleeding grounds
knight of dark and death it rides
that seeps in through the towns
chase the ghost that screams the black
as red drips down its’ veins
curtains fall on deadly feet
like steam from engine trains
the fitting nail that points to death
for he shall not take air
the head will spin right off the chin
for those that tend a stare
the sign of night of reaping mist
will be of that undone
to hear of cries of wailing pipes
as fire smokes the gun
the steed inflame by mark of name
will tale the mountainside
a devils whip will crack the lip
like scurry rats they hide
the pumpkin night beneath the light
will shimmer to take hold
for what to be, chain misery
as graves lay out the cold
and as the ash to fill the stench
from every sight and sound
will dust the wind with deadly sin
on every hungry hound
and for the death of every man
a plague for surely turn
upon the hill a distance still
will laugh as bodies burn….

by martin gedge

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