Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 16, 2018

Emptiness, Nothingness~by Ahmad Abd Alrahim



Emptiness, Nothingness

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Emptiness, Nothingness
Loneliness, Darkness
Angels chained, Demons free
Voices so loud, but no one can hear except me
My voice goes on mute when I scream 
Then I woke up, it was just another dream
But there’s one thing I cannot explain
If it was a dream, then why do I still feel the pain?
It’s taking over, it’s too great
It hates to love and loves to hate
So until I send my demons back home
You’ll find me in the darkest place of the room

Empty, still there’s a thing
Lonely, still I can sing
Angels and Demons fight
And I’m still searching for light
My words are dim
Still will spark
I tame ideas that bark
And fuzzy feelings I trim
My voice not mute, it’s just low
And day by day it will grow
I’m not paralyzed, I move slow
And day by day I will flow
Against the current I swim
And I will flow, I just know
My dreams with happiness will glow
And all the pain will just go
I just know
RightA Bro?
RightA Bro.

“RightA Bro?”
Stanza 1: Amir Yousry
Stanza 2: A.AA The Poet
Artwork by Mahmoud Ahmed Art Syadet El-lewa

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