Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 16, 2018

Stand Together~by William Thomas Fearby



Stand Together

Everybody including you and me
We all deserve to live our lives free
Freedom is not always a life given
Freedom is a life we should all be living

No more fighting no more killing
This is all our right if god is willing
Put away all the guns and knives
Help us to succeed and survive

The whole world is in need of change
To live in peace is not so strange
Why can’t we stop all the killing and war
Why do we feel we have to even up a score

Weapons of mass destruction that can’t be found
Soldiers killing thousands of innocents all around
Devastation left in their wake, the world is dying
Only women and children left to do the crying

What sort of insane world are we all forced to live in
Instead of taking innocent lives we should be giving
We have raped and pillaged this land for far too long
The weak fall by the wayside as governments get strong

It’s time everyone opened up their eyes and make a stand
Pretty soon we will have nothing left but barren waste land
Our children will have nothing left to pass on to their kin
What man is doing to this world is a terrible mortal sin

We need to stand together to stop this while we still can
All this killing and devastating fighting is caused by man
Greed and power and corruption will ruin this world
We opened Pandora’s box and look what we unfurled

It’s not too late to reverse all this mindless horrific devastation
We should stand together back to back with every other nation
And peacefully put an end to all the suffering and killing
To make this world a safe place for everyone god willing

I know this may never happen in your lifetime or mine
But we as a race know that we are running out of time
Change has got to come and soon before we all loose the plot
We only get one chance at life so don’t loose what we have got

William T Fearby 15/04/2018
(C)@william T Fearby

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