Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 17, 2018

(THE SOCIAL CONVICTION – 1/2)~by Umer Qureshi





“You stand here guilty of all those crimes”
“For all those lines & all those rhymes”
“An official atonement for all those times”

“You’re rebel to the system that provides you shelter and food”
“A pariah to the system that keeps you safe under the hood”
“We don’t need you, you’re the one in need”
“You don’t feed us, we’re the ones who feed”

“You need respect, you better earn it”
“Be the fuel to this system & let it burn it”
“The mantra has been same for centuries, you better learn it!!!”

“If you wanna dream, then dream all you want”
“These will be your self created ghosts that will haunt”
“The ghosts of truth, the ghosts of harsh reality”
“The ghosts that make you justify all the transgressions of morality”
“The ghosts of yesterday & those of tomorrow”
“The ones that turn all your hopes & expectations into sorrow”

“You & your hopeless desires”
“Just play in the light, don’t play with the fire”
“Don’t come closer else you’ll burn”
“You fool!! look into the history & learn”
“Just to keep things on an even keel”
“Change is a term coined by us; to execute our vision without letting them feel”

“So embrace the status quo & don’t fret our stage”
“Let the show continue, let the history keep writing the same page”
“This is not your time, not your age”

“So let this piece be your social conviction”
“Against all your rebel thoughts, let this be the only non-fiction”
“A constant reminder of the power of status quo & social friction”
“It’s just a matter of time so pledge your allegiance”
“We are the system, we are the legions”


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