Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 17, 2018

UNDYING LOVE~by Piya Ghosh




Embrace me with your arms of desire,
As the limitless sky embraces
The playful clouds on its breast.
Kiss me tenderly as the honeybee
Kisses the blooming flowers
And intoxicates them with his love.
Play love games with me,
As the turquoise ocean
Plays with the frolicking waves.
Touch me with your eager fingertips,
As the insane wind
Touches the leaves of trees,
And make them shiver in ecstasy.
Make my heart weep with yearning,
As the grey Monsoon clouds
Shower intermittent rain.
Dance with me a slow waltz,
Raising my passion to a crescendo,
That our unending love
May spill and merge,
Into the passionate,fullmoon night.

Piya Ghosh~ 17-4-18

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