Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2018

“FROZEN” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM “FROZEN” by martin gedge

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She sits all alone a face against a window
eyes close to tears
as the rain hits her pillow
the sky pouring down as she searches for her nightlight
she wears it like a frown
and heart is feeling uptight
not a word of her has spoken in the still of silence waking
the winds to slight a whisper
while the rest of her is breaking
in the shallows of her frame there is a body badly beaten
the bullied of remains
and her soul is frail and weaken
a mirror once to smile has gone and left her shadows
for the reach of passing angels
are in the dungeons of her swallows
watching as her little world is getting ever colder
while the memory of it shutters
hides in rooms and on the borders
merge upon her feelings to the tags that wear a name
as to wave white surrender
and to point to those to blame
wishes to the wonders that keeping falling like the stars
for the skin that she must bury
is the canvas for her scars
closing is not ending and this grey is not a glow
if you feel that you are hurting
then please let someone know…

by martin gedge


  1. the skin she must bury……. nice poem

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