Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2018

Mislabeled Ladies ~by Scot Buffington



Mislabeled Ladies

I want to scream with the Furies
and Sirens and Haints; 
to give to them shelter,
away from their Fates.

Road trip with Witches
and Ditz’s and Whores;
who make better companions,
than saintlier boors.

Dance with the Vixens,
Temptresses and Sluts;
paying closer attention,
to their minds than their butts.

Sing with the Harpies,
Divas and Mermaids;
and excuse their harsh songs,
for sweet, soft serenades.

Sleep with the Bimbos
and Hookers and Skanks;
give only soft shoulders,
accept only “thanks.”

Dine out with the Wenches
and Harlots and Bitches;
to share a fine meal,
without doing the dishes.

Dress up with the Butches
and Frumpies and Hags;
who show feminine beauty,
wearing old, burlap bags.

Party with Hoochies
and Cougars and Dragons;
to see them safe home,
when they fall off the wagon.

In each of these women
still lives a fair lady,
whose heart is still good,
though her outside is shady.

Eve could be given
each one of these names;
the original sinner,
and player of games.

Men have a duty
to serve and respect,
no matter her status,
to Love and protect.

Ladies are ladies
no matter their label;
and be given due honor,
as true men are able.

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