Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2018

Suicide~by William Thomas Fearby




You don’t care about me you couldn’t Really give a toss
If I was to take my life tomorrow it would be no great loss
Nobody understands me they don’t even know I’m alive
I can’t carry on this endless fighting just so that I can survive

My life has lost all meaning I have nothing left to live for
Everything I had I have lost I don’t want to live no more
I can’t see any other way that I can get through this heartache
Every time I think I am getting over you I feel my heart break

You never really cared for me you used me for what you could get
You treated me so badly you took everything I had and left me in debt
Now I can’t face my life knowing what a fool I was for you
You used me and abused me now I don’t know what to do

I cannot see no way out other than to take my useless life
I have tried it many times with pills this time I will use a knife
I know suicide is the cowards way but I don’t have any choice
I have tried to ask for help but no one seems to hear my voice

I can’t face my life without you but you are killing me
Suicide is the only possible way that I can get free
Can somebody please help me I don’t want to die
But every time I think about living I break down. and cry

Is there anybody out there who can help this feeling go away
Please help me cast out these feelings of suicide help me I pray
I don’t know how to cope I can’t do this on my own anymore
I need someone to help me get rid of these demons evermore

William t Fearby. 17/04/2018
(C)@ william t fearby


  1. oh my– emotional, I can feel this. keep writing

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