Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2018

“The Belly of the Beast (2015)”~by Michael Graves



“The Belly of the Beast (2015)”

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The old foundation crumbles.
Things once held dear, move beyond control.
The strings of puppets stretch far and away
into a darkness prowled by monsters.
Rules once dictated by reason, waver
and flux beyond familiar form.

The consumption of innocence
proceeds unchecked. A harmony
of dissonance in a fiendishly
scripted meta-plan, too insidious
to be given credence by
gentle people
blindly singing
hopeful hymns
of redemption.

Clarity of insight is roundly cast as paranoia
by gnomes with hidden intent.
The bugle call of the watch is disregarded.
Its message rejected for “lack of proper form.”

Controllers pivot and spin like the matador
in the Plaza de Toros, sowing seeds
of docility fertilized by fear
ignoring truth: Caring only
for believability in
the evening-news cycle.

The blood-hungry crowd
cheers the cruelty of the game.
Their voices: Orchestrated instruments in a
symphony spawned of influence and violence.
The maddened bull charges at
the swirling cape
connecting with nothing, save death.

Poison hides in the communion-wafer
doled out in false generosity to the indolent.
The lights of the theater have been
carefully set, and focused on
the bare boards of the stage.
Specters dance beyond the edges
of the light to ceremonial music of
the profane transubstantiation. Waiting to
feast on dying souls.

Truth is neither penurious nor kind.
It is merely truth.
It does not pause in pursuit to gather flowers
on a spring morning.
Nor change in the face of malice.
It makes no excuses for the unpleasant.
It does not mask the anomaly.
Truth sees with hard eyes which
brook neither obfuscation nor
fashionably convenient illusion. The choice
that is offered is:
Conform to it or be cast aside.

At the seeming end – when
all is shaken, and truth lies in bright
sharp shards upon the ground. When
integrity serves as the lone rallying point
a solitary island in that darkest sea;
take up the shining, razor shards of truth, and slice
and slice again, your way out
from the Belly of the Beast.

Those whose intention was never
to live in the light will hate you
even as you are saving them.
You must change the world
from where you stand.
And the light shining into the darkness within
will be seen by others and will bring them together
one by one.

And in the brilliance of the light
those who care to see
will change the world.

–Graves 3/30/18

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