Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2018

(THE SOCIAL CONVICTION – 2/2)~by Umer Qureshi





The purity in my words is about to disappear;
The masquerade of social construct that I’m about to wear;
Now an admirer of the bigger picture that has become so clear;

I’ll be a devout expendable in your army of adults;
You call them ideologies, I call them cults;
I’ll make up to you for all my transgressions since my birth;
What good am I when my rhymes are just full of literary dearth;
A waste of life, a landfill site on this Earth;

So no more, no more. . .
I have wandered too much and ultimately I do succumb to you;
Rejuvenate this soul of mine that was once numb to you;
Give me your blessing now that I’ve come to you;
Let me taste that holy water that’ll make me one of you;

I promise from now onwards. . .
The words will be mine but through your eyes;
The world I’ll portray but through your lies;
The same 9 to 5, family, career, prospects, & no more surprise;
In every social conundrum I’ll be that one compromise;

I plead guilty to all the charges you frame;
I’ll take the bullet how much wrongly you aim;
Through all these years, my immaturity is to blame;
This hypocrisy I embrace, now I’m a part of this great game;

You’ve gotten yourself another complacent yes man;
So I’ll be the fuel to this system & do the best I can;
When the time comes, let my mistakes be my epitaph;
For the world to have a laugh;

P.S. In my defence. . .
In my silence resides a universe;
Which my pen helped me to preserve. . verse after verse;
There was too much chaos in my world;
So I used to seek comfort in my words;
Though I come to you with a heavy heart;
Now I bow down to you at the cost of my art.


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