Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2018

The Spectacle of Storm~by Kevin Ryan



The Spectacle of Storm
Kevin Vincent Ryan
Copyright 2018

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor and nature

I was the storm brewing
Churning volatile
Not daring to yet touch down
Destructive forces of Nature
Antithesis of Creation
Nemesis of fellow man
Subject only to the cold ruthless
Laws of the Universe
Powers that be

I was the storm
And still it lives in me
Lies deep beyond the placid calm
Of my sweet morning face
Twitches in my arms
As they hold you close
For though the storm has not passed
It is calm now
Gentle in steady breezes through your leaves
Caresses your hollow places – tickling
Blows cold and awakens the wet places
Left from nighttime dew
Shifts the clouds
And lets the sun dance in your eyes
Leaving the blackness of the centers
As colorless reminders of the storm

The storm that is a soul moving
Lifting and carrying the sands
And spray of the water
Turning rocks to sand
Setting the trees and boughs free
To drift on the seas
To wash up sunbleached and gnarled
On a distant shore

You soften my storm
Til the air doesn’t move
Stillness is felt on my skin
As I move up against the motionlessness
Blossoms and trees flicker like lights
Barely moving
Swaying with the rhythm
Of everything around me
And I am free
Free to be storm or stillness
Raging and free
Or silent and steady
Spanning the spectrum
Of you to me

One night
When air is dry
And lightning calls the thunder to rain
And ancient clouds have gathered
For the spectacle of storm
I will hold you
In the theatre of my arms
And the play will begin
Shaking and tremors
And sounds of elements
Are backdrop to this
Improvisational work in progress
Theatre of life
Man and Woman
A passion play
“Touching You Like You Have Never Been Touched”

Claws sharpened
Supple tongues
Ecstacy of awakening
To sexuality that is live or die
All consuming

You are invited to tear me apart
I will do my best to crush you into my bones
And thrill you with unexpected
Yet fully imagined
Twists and turns
And body locks
To hold you
When it feels too good
When you have to be touched
Just one more time
And holding you
And Loving you
And giving you
All of me
Again and again…

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