Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2018

CHECK THIS~by Kung Chu




Ey, Eey, Check It Out, Check Us Out, Where
I Am From There Is A Grocery Store Called Checkers
& In My Region’s Slang, We Call A Grocery Plastic Bag
Checkers, True Write, Not So Long Ago In My Country

Old People Use To Roll Reefa With A Phone Book & Call
That Page Check, LOL, Use To Do It Too Though, Man
I Love These Board Games, Checkers & Chess, Check
In Chess When You Pose A Threat To Your Opponents

King, We Call That Move Check, But The Only Move That
Interests A Chess Player Is Checkmate, End Of Game
A Scotch Is A Check, This Masonry Build You A Checked
Floor, But One Step At A Time, èYé’d Be Home Watching

Check Point, Wish That This Could Cut Me A Check & Go
Check Us Out, LU, Hi & Pen, Uhh! People Who Works At Firms
Knows About Checking In, Its Time For Us To Check Out
Check, Check, Check, The Sound Of Penny When Writing

#LUInHD #Heavy_Ink #Penny #ThatsLife #Random #Untitled_ #Poems

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