Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2018

SCRIBBLING~by Saroj K Padhi




Image may contain: ocean, sky, twilight, tree, outdoor, nature and water

There is endless scribbling going on everywhere:
stars with their many permutations and combinations,
about silent storms in cloudy heart of the lover-sky;
restive thorns in the body of wild jasmine plants,
about love’s pain, on chest of hills that silently sigh;
ripples, about the agony of Earth on body of boats
carrying humans to the bank where dreams in waiting lie;
tears rolling on cheeks, about the death of dreams
under shadow of sweetly colored wet lashes of sad eye;
beams of rising Moon, about sweet thoughts of lovers
on flowing dark-green sarees of forests that slowly die;
charcoals in hands of lovers, about complex mathematics
of love, on barks of trees and on rocks that hardly lie;
rays of rising Sun, about aspirations of millions breathing
on hills, dales, walls, fields, oceans and a panoramic sky;
and many more forms of constant scribblings all around
starting from learners’ slate to minds that in ideas abound .

COPY RIGHT : @ SAROJ K. PADHI / 11.04.17

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