Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2018

Three times I said”I dont know ~by Ravindranath Kunnath



Three times I said”I dont know

Three times I said”I dont know ,”
This is the last sunset
Dont expect more sunsets and dawns in between us
Then he smiled .
See dear the last smile of me 
I dont look at his face.
He walked slowly .
When was I heard his foot steps..
I dont know..
The fumes rising from the fragile flames of candle
Un attractive but creates dryness not in the air but somewhere in life
I dont know any thing…
I dont know him
Thrice I said….
How it happen..
May be I was then in a dreamy state
Really I dont know what it was..
Then a fisher man came near and said
Keep that nets and boat of me..
Once youknow its importance.
Oh,sure it was an illusion…
He went away…
He went away..
Winds and stars waits beside a cross
Temples faded when lights hesitate to enter
I knows iam a sinner and my sons
They grows with saddles in hands
Horizons are mirages with out sun.
Thrice or more
I believe so
Once I heard a voice like him again
Do you know
Is it real
I dont know.
I know
It is the fate always before me as a painfull illusion.

(C)Ravindranath Kunnath

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