Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 21, 2018

“NIGHTFIRE”~by Martin Gedge



POEM “NIGHTFIRE” by martin gedge

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In the warm view of a summer night
In the crystal eyes of the seas
Against the orange of a full bloom moon
As the fireworks whisk through the breeze
I gaze to the fall of the silver stars
Sifting my feet through the blue
Music plays in a lovers peace
Thinking of a beautiful you
Wrestling palms of the florida keys
Torches of fire paint the scene
Light up a song in a serenade
open your heart like a dream
sway in the play of a flowers dance
say yes to the rendezvous man
smoldering love of romantic kiss
with a gentle touch of her hand
unravel the wild sparks as they flew
charm to a chandelier smile
slowly calm to the settling shores
embraced in the grips for a while
And silently rocking a gentle soul
fast to the gaze as she fades
The music lightens a soften blow
In the water light of parades
the tranquil dark of a welcoming grin
to the dawn of a yearning bright
I wake alone with a memory still
of a fire of desire in the night….

by martin gedge

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