Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 21, 2018

“SWAMP THING”~by Martin Gedge



POEM “SWAMP THING” by martin gedge

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Liars and cheaters and fakers and fools
they never play fair when they make up the rules
they think life is good when they are the tools
and the lawyers are sinking the boat
they promise you things if you lend them an ear
clog up your mind when your vision is clear
they say that they care but they really don’t dear
and they’ll kiss your ass for your vote
I could never adjust with a thought or a plan
that makes me believe and the rest understand
how could we agree that this was the man
who would save us from falling apart
each day that goes by I ask myself why
could god be so cruel as I look to the sky
I just shake my head as the bullets they fly
to think deep inside there’s a heart
there’s a right and left and it’s all just insane
do you thinks for yourselves or do you all share a brain
i’m tired of this shit do you think it’s a game
and the people are paying the price
from one to the next it’s a circus affair
are you feeding your ego or feeding a bear
or is it fake news that your willing to share
you really could use some advice
do you have any sense will you stop busting balls
forget all your vices and Mexican walls
it’s inside your homes and right down your halls
it’s time for the record to straight
for this is your future your not in the past
if you think of yourself well your not gonna last
the ship that your steering is sinking down fast
and frankly it’s not up for debate
do something good there’s no I in your team
shake out the dust and the high self esteem
just get it together there’s no in between
I’m sure that you all can relate
step up to your post and say it with pride
to meet in the middle and from either side
with it all on the table and nothing to hide
and make your america great…

by martin gedge

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