Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 22, 2018

FRIENDSHIP~by Syed Md Tanveer Parvez




There is a relationship
between God and us,
There are more and more
relationship among us in
this universe.
Friendship and relationship
are not the same,
Making friendship with
relationship is not a shame.

Friendship with God is the
greatest as well as easiest,
Friendship between soul and body
is the most difficult but prettiest.
Friendship with the evils
and devils are enjoyable but
Friendship with better
things is industrious but

Sacrificing and good feelings
can make a history of joy,
Friendship is a history of joy
not like a toy.
Friendship is a sacred thing
seems to be cheap,
Friendship carries good
human beings that means
very deep.

— Syed Md.Tanveer Parvez
( 19/04/2018)


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