Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 23, 2018

Feeling loved.~by Zelda Ann Broussard



Feeling loved….

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©®Devotedlyz. 2018

Feeling loved is what makes my world go round.
Feeling loved is what brightens up my day.
Knowing that I am loved, is my !s delight.
Being shown love is splendid with all the colors of the rainbow.

Feeling love
Could not ever be compared with being liked.
For being loved is the “Top of the line” !
You are a number one priority in someone’s life,and their heart!

Feeling love..
Is my favorite dessert!
With all of my favorite toppings.
My heart reads ecstatic thrills!
MY mind is filled with splendid joy!
I can feel the wind in my hair.
The Sun shining on my face.
You can see the delight in my eye’s.

Feeling love.
Is what I crave to feel at all times!
The gentle kiss on the lips.
Dispassionate is not the way!
Squeeze me tight, take my breath away!

Feeling love
I am radiating from the glow!
You can see the colors of my heart all aglow.

Feeling love is what’s it all about!
Feeling love is a feeling of Cloud Nine!

Touch base with love!
You’ll see what I mean.
Share your love, don’t be mean.
You’ll cheat yourself of a life well lived.

Feeling love
Is the best gift!
Share your love for others.
Share your love with others.
You will not regret a moment of truth.
For real love,will send your heart through the roof!

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