Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 25, 2018

MY COMPANION~by Devesh Chandra Mishra




Wisdom in my wise friend
I and it will never break, nor end
A companion of mine with humble nature 
I see my bright future
Honest and just are my two wheels
I will stand at the top with my heels
Courage gives me good strength
It avoid me to break and bend
I rise up and my mind is high
People are jealous and give a sigh
Hard work is in my life
I love a simple life
I thank you God for gifting me such friends
I will achieve all… Nothing to end..
Though I’m poor yet I happy
And I cheer with joy
I’m still a good boy
I share sorrows of others
Giving my all no matters
No matters……..

Copyright @Devesh Chandra Mishra

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