Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 27, 2018

“BED OF ROSES” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM “BED OF ROSES” by martin gedge

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A starlit night so quietly still
she sits beside her window sill
the thoughts that I should pass on by
to look straight up and see her cry
I question self to wonder so
to think of how she lost her glow
and get the urge to send a rose
to make her smile for I suppose
may turn her day from pouring rain
to flowers bloom and warming flame
with words to say to ease her mind
to catch her heart with every line
for in the fields where colors grow
as shooting stars they come and go
a chance for wishes to come true
that fall before the feet of you
to pick you up the sweetest breeze
with promise keeps on bended knees
in sharing joy the wedding ring
and all promise love can bring
but much too soon to push and shove
to finger lips a whisper hush
just take it slow and do it right
I find myself on starlit night
to gaze upon the wondrous sky
to question love and walk on by
but if she sits the window still
and chances meet for then I will
put the thoughts into her head
to shower roses on her bed…..

by martin gedge

( if your a hopeless romantic I highly recommend the movie “BED OF ROSES” )

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