Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 27, 2018

“OPEN HEART ROAD “~by Martin Gedge



POEM “OPEN HEART ROAD ” by martin gedge

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Living a life full of promises
moving one step at a time
taking a chance on a good thing
laying my heart on the line
hoping to find rhyme and reason
to follow this long winding road
putting my cards on the table
and playing the hand that I hold
thought I had everything figured out
can’t keep my head in the past
all I know that it’s meant to be
and I need this moment to last
watch as my life as it passes by
don’t know if to stop or hang on
all that I know is I’ve got to try
to be in the right not the wrong
gotta to be strong on what I feel
and stay true to path that I choose
keeping my feet on the solid ground
cause it’s better to win then to lose
all I need is a better life
to keep this beat in my heart
open the doors and the avenues
and put myself ahead of the cart
I know that in love there is a lessen learned
from all the mistakes that you make
now that I’m on my way home to you
that is the chance I will take
over the hills and around the bend
not a wish or a hope or a care
take a big step in reality
is like throwing your heart in the air ….

by martin gedge

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