Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 27, 2018

“RAINBOW”~by Anita Sahoo




Image may contain: sky and outdoor

From the train’s window
he could see,
a flock of homebound birds flying
in formation of V
Earth embracing sky
horizon transforming
into a visual delight,
in crimson blending with blue
painting western sky
a perfect picturesque.

In the playful romance
of drizzle and Sun
a hope engulfed him
with soaring anticipation
to view the streak of seven colours
the rainbow,
for which his teeming fascination
since childhood
has not ceased to be grown.

But no trace of rainbow
suddenly made everything
for him gloom
again thoughts he tried to escape from
started to bloom
he was a loser by definition
for his inability
to cope up with the trend
of luxury and abundance
in the name of mundane possession.

But at the small station
his eyes sparkled again
witnessing a scene
a titillating sensation
ran through his spine
saw a middle aged couple,
while the man put a wild flower
in his wife’s hair
sparked a smile in her eyes
on her face flashed a blush
reciprocated she, putting her hands
on his sweating cheeks
with adoring caresse
and a truth he muttered to self
material possessions seldom bring happiness.

A faded rainbow
emerged at the edge of the sky
he witnessed
but he was not sure
whether it was because of
the drizzle and Sun’s unison
or was it the rainbow
of the couple’s affection.
© Anita Sahoo

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