Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 29, 2018

Holy water inside the conch~by Ravindranath Kunnath



Holy water inside the conch

Holy water inside the conch
Lost ,purity..
The last glare of light faded..
No more hymns to chant
All around me,seen the garden.
Where the dawn of I had risen first
It was the sound I heard there..
Oh!yes,it was the garden of beauty ,joy and perfection..
There stars give more and more dreams to perfection
And the sun like a guru inspired
You are the sun not me..
The cool tranquil blue rays of moon
Filled the heart with songs of love
This is the eternal shore of love
Dance atune to the great boons by thee
In the self made solitude ,I dont know whence it came
And how my eyes fall upon him
My love at soul,
Whence and how you woke up..
Dont look at the serpent
Om-the eternal syllable.
All changled
Self made solitudes are hells..
There great fire waits
It gives the tragic hour to soul forever
The holy water from that conch drain
Fully for ever
After that,follows the painfull life,down on deserts
But,here solitude was blissfull
To dreams about the lost garden and to chant the eternal sound of Om.
How sad it is, titans stands on the sky of our silence with glittering eyes
A pious man chanted while breathing his last
He will come…
Hope he will come..
Holy waters chant
Om,Om .

(C)Ravindranath Kunnath

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