Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2018

VICISSITUDINOUS LETTER~by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole




(1992,….now 2018).

Many gigantesque letters I read
Only this vicissitudinous letter I never read
And completely it’s not in my forgetful mind
Here I found it,its words are feeding my mind

This vicissitudinous letter was born before me
From the bravely strong minders, Bishops
Divulging all afflictions with a solemn themes
Displaying to all burghers like things in shops

They delved out anything they were suffering
In the gigantically bitterful fruit of one party
That always made people to weep for human dignity
And for the lofty pillar of egalitarianism

This vicissitudinous letter was changed anything
From the confluences of political kerfuffle
From the policy that government was using
All words were not in the long train of hostile

ONLY I VERBALISE in this vicissitudinous letter

Freedom of expression shows appreciation
For blissful birth of splendiferous democracy
That is beaming this eminent lady’s citation
And also lifting folk’s comments in poignancy
Old age no more on race of presidential election
Only youthful age stand on presidential election

Political kerfuffle is delving a country’s soil
Making a gigantesque ridges of doleful spoil
That always blocking a national development
And flourishing a profound spirit of argument
And evincing a purely blind vision fro all parties
And feeding their people a falsely manifestable promises

Other government’s decision is quelling the offices
Civilians are now grasping a powers of uncivilians
National Registration Bureau&Malawi Immigration service
Here we are busy asking ourselves as true Malawians
Is there any eradication of our poverty?
Is there any foredeal for all the burghers?

A nefarious spirit in our nation is blackout
Minutely and hourly it touch our houses
That always demolishing our businesses
And always pouring in us a furious senses
The gensets are not weapon of quelling blackout’s spirit


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