Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2018

MEMORIES~by Goodness Nyuwem




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Louder than the throbs of my heart
Is the resonating beats of my past
How into shreds, they tear me apart
Yet on my soul, their light is cast.

Look how they burn from the inside
Flaming tongues of unquenchable fire
Happy moments and the tears I cried
They sing in my mind, one big choir.

Treasured beyond the past sufferings
Are memories, cherished above pain
Vanished most are, like lost bearings
Others haunt, day, night, sun and rain.

Some memories, even time can’t erase
For bearable they are, not forgettable
Of our today created from yesteryears
Unto a blissful future e’er so agreeable.

So ride on wings of this time machine
Make peace then smile upon the past
Spark boisterous thrills from within
As briskly it comes and does not last.

For the fabrics of are lives are woven
Up in a thread of experiences and scenes
While memories by us, were not chosen
Its weight on tomorrow is ours to win.

Goodness Nyuwem

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