Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2018

The Voice In The Night~by Neil Perry



The Voice In The Night

Kiss me, kiss me, and kiss me again
i heard a voice ring out down the lane
As I was walking dreamily
I wondered who spoke thus to me?,
Or was it me, or someone else
That gave my heart a rapid pulse,
For this was at the dead of night,
I couldn’t see a soul in sight,
And then I heard that voice repeat
The self same words that stopped my feet,
As all around I saw no one,
Was someone out there having fun?
For when I stopped it made no sound,
But when I walked it echoed round
As if to gloat my misery,
As yet nobody I could see,
So hurried on with quickend pace
In case I may come face to face
With some old spirit from the past,
So started walking very fast,
Yet did not see nobody there,
But they were there, and did not care,
For they were having too much fun
To stop, to see a coward run.

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