Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 5, 2018

Daily missive breaks into the weekend for Saturday the 5th of May.~ War zone.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend for Saturday the 5th of May.
War zone.

How low is this
When even the lifting
Of a finger is a study
In retribution
How dark are the days
When the sky
Is a wash of satanic discolour
Heavy with the curl of darkness
Poisoned clouds drip with venom
As dry tears fall
Too much of a struggle
To leave a wet patch
Tracks are ingrained
Nobody bothers
About the crying
It is an easy well
From which to draw a picture
Of sorrow
Be wary of a ladder
Left unattended
There is no moon to reach
Or stars to see
Crawl into the space
Beneath the bottom rung
It is a crowded place
Full of pathos
Bathe in its delights
It will hold you tightly
In its twisted grip
Pity is its hold
On you
For what that is worth
How low will it go
To still be the tower to rise above you
A study in oppression
With no free lunch
Bring out the dead
Pile bodies in the street
They will be denied
A full accounting
There is something rotten here
Prepare for slaughter
Life is a war
Full of lost causes
You need not stand
Lie down take the weight off
When god is on all sides
Neither the strong nor the meek
Will be left
With a leg to stand on.

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