Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2018

Finally Falling ~by Fred Tunks



Finally Falling

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It seems suddenly I’ve found myself attatched and so dam in love with you
When you smile at me it gives me goosebumps like I had in nursery school
I believe that I am falling so will you catch me nice and easy
Will you lift me up and love me and hold deep inside the comfort of your arms
Will you tell me with your pretty eyes you’ll never bring my fragile heart any kind of harm
You see I’m falling so will catch me nice and easy
Will you come dance with me inside the comfort of soft warm summer breeze
Would you offer me a giving heart that’s waiting and willing to please
Will you completely take my body over and make love to me until I’m ready to scream
Will save me from a nightmare tonight and lure me back into a dream
And if I’m falling will you catch me nice and easy
I spend each waking hour now just thinking about you
And how you just keep on a smiling like a little girl in nursery school
Well I’m falling now and falling fast
A love like our must surely last
Will your body be pillow for me to lay in a meadow on the ground
Yeah It’s so hard to hold myself up whenever you’re anywhere around
I’m finally falling baby so will you catch me nice and easy!


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