Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2018

The World renamed her : no one ~by Nutan Sarawagi



The World renamed her : no one

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Today I wondered
where my mother was gone
in painful memories woebegone 
Mother do you ever remember the daughter you left today
wondering why you wouldn’t ever see her
you went away
Why didn’t you take her with you , leaving her a say
In longings , in pangs to flow away
In your love arrested
In a disarray
Of colours
Each colour on display
A life for others to mock and play
In each colour to play with
‘’The holi ‘’
for she was born in that day
Spilt in colours violent
in each colour to name
Her love for you to never go away
Tainted in red , they pursued her life
Running her down
blaming her EVEN for ‘ YOUR ‘ life
blinded in a rage
Enraged caged ‘ THEIR ‘ WORLD

Their misgivings hitting in a wrath , no fury could turn
Mocking her life at every turn
Laughing aloud , to whom could she turn
her mother was gone
Her fathers name now more hers to claim

THEY disowned her
She was not their daughter
A mother in whom raised ,snatched away in THEIR hate , ridiculing her life
THEY called her inane
Names to give
‘’She was insane ‘’
THEY took away her name
torn in their hate she lay inert
stilled in a love , she didn’t even show any hurt
she was already dead in their love burnt
a hate blown in smithers where could she run
‘’she was illegitimate’’ ‘a ‘mother
not even a daughter to turn
THEY took away her name
only to rename her
‘’hate ‘’
where only love runs
in names of ‘’no one’’


  1. Heartbreaking.

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