Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2018

HOW KID SKID~by Balachandran Nair




Hydrogen, oxygen marry.
Live happily in dam.
Child, electricity, seperated
Fall, cry aloud, drown.

Wind, cloud marry.
Live happily in sky.
Child, rain, seperated
Thunder, cry aloud, vanish.

Man and woman marry.
Live happily in ancestral home.
Have children, love prevail.
Income less, costs roar.
Get rid of aged ones.
Hope, expectations fail.
Accusation, envy, greed creep in.
Distrust, disloyalty, lies peep thru.
Cross-fire abuses pelt on parents.
Unwanted advisers, augurs step in.
They dump all offal, waste.
Squeeze, extracts all mettle of
marital bond.
Dumb forlorn duffer couples
Move for divorce, fight, wait.
Got seperated, divide own children.
Motherhood cry, fatherhood cry.
Innocent childhood always cry.
Purses of cross-sword advocates
So-called society, mere sere,
serenely smile
It smile that wicked smile
Which it always long to smile!


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